” A church without youth is a church without future” ( Pope Shenouda III )

Coptic Youth Center

The Coptic Youth Center (CYC) will be a vital addition to our Church and the services that the Church provides to the congregation and the community. Now more than ever, with negative societal influences being portrayed all around our children, our CYC will provide ample opportunity for our children to grow in their spiritual lives in a spiritually healthy space. The CYC is necessary in providing an appropriate area where our congregation can commune together to learn about God while enjoying His fellowship.

Just as the educational development of the children of our Parish is important, their spiritual development is just as important. Because of this, we designed the CYC to be equivalent to a school environment so that our children can learn important Christian values and become future leaders who give back to their community through personal service. To reach this goal, the CYC is a 64,000 square-foot building that will be available to our current 408 children, their families, and the entire Church congregation!

The St. Mary & St. Mercurius Coptic Youth Center will be equipped with:

  •  A Chapel for liturgical prayers;

  • A full-sized basketball court that can also be used as an auditorium;

  • Indoor gaming and study halls;

  • A multipurpose room with a full industrial kitchen;

  • 14 classrooms equipped with the latest educational technology.

The Monthly ACH Contribution

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