?Feeling down? Feeling anxious

A Spiritual Therapeutic Counsel

Dear Son/Daughter in Christ,

I have a message for you today. If you are going through a tough time or feeling you are in a deep or dark place. God is calling you to recognize the hero He is willing to make of you.

Did you know that modern neuroscience has discovered that you can change your brain by changing your mind?

Yes. Please understand that it is now scientifically proven that you can change your brain by renewing your mind through a process known as “Neurogenesis.” Therefore, what the bible told us thousands of years ago in Rom (12:2): “Be transformed by the renewal of your mind,” is now scientifically proven by contemporary neuroscience!

Isn’t that exciting?!

Let me lay down specific steps for you to accomplish this through the power of the Holy Spirit working in you.

❖ Enter your private room, planning to spend a deep quiet time with the Lord. Have the intention to listen to His silent voice speaking right into your heart.

❖ Use the Coptic book of prayer, “the Agpeya” if you are familiar with it, or any other prayer book.

❖ Start praying with a faint, audible voice speaking directly to Him through the psalms.

❖ As you pray, listen to the words of psalms and allow them to speak on your behalf to the Lord.

❖ Then sit on the ground humbly and open your bible and start reading.

❖ Incline your heart to listen to what the Lord says to you as a love letter.

❖ Search for the purpose that He has for your life and the meaning He gives for everything you do.

❖ Look for the Way, the manner of Life, that He is pointing at for you to walk in.

❖ Focus on experiencing His mighty power of Resurrection that He offers you to lift you out of the dark place.

❖ Decide to establish this encounter of quiet time as a daily routine that you enjoy every single day, making it the power engine of your life.

❖ Congratulate yourself that you have just found the true physician of your soul, body, and spirit and that you are determined to enjoy His power of healing through this encounter.

Please note that you need consistency for this process to be effective. We now know that for the brain to develop new trails of neurons harboring renewed thoughts, it needs to be trained daily for a long time. Neurons that fire together wire together, forming new ways of thinking. This remarkable discovery is called “Neuroplasticity.” Search it up and educate yourself more about it.

Please know that you may need a psychiatric evaluation if you suffer from clinical depressive or anxiety disorder. Also, please note that the method mentioned above does not replace any medications or medical advice you received from your doctor.