Spiritual Advice to a Mildly Depressed

Dear son/daughter in Christ:
Things can and will get better
I know you have a lot on your plate
With God’s grace you can perceive the hero that He has made from you.
I ask you to do two things: one immediate and one scheduled
1) Enter your inner room and spend a deep quiet time with the Lord and listen to Him, use the agpea with a faint loud voice in talking to him through psalms and listen up to the words you are saying then sit on he ground humbly and open your bible and read and listen again to what He has to say. Look for His purpose of your life and for the meaning that He gives for everything you do, look for the Way, the manner of Life, look for His mighty power of Resurrection that He gives us.
Repeat this every single day ! It’s the power engine of our life and is much more effective than SSRIs 🙂
2) Schedule an appointment with my weakness just to discuss  the treasures that you obtained and thrill me with your findings of the Lord.
Love in Christ
Fr Luke Istafanous